How To Design Your Next REST API?

This blog post is focused on how to design a REST API implementation with: good productivity, great performance, a decent auto-generated/always up-to-date documentation for REST API users/developers, including REST API libraries for many of the popular languages. I’ll explain here what I used to do ‘til last week and some few projects I’ve discovered recently which have helped me a lot in order to achieve the above goals. »

Serial ports on Mac OS X

While doing some development in Java (using RXTX like the Arduino IDE does), I always had errors like this one: Caused by: Unknown Application at at com.rapplogic »

This week-end shopping list

As much as I like Internet when I need to find some information or buy some stuff, I always prefer to buy from a local shop when the price is right (meaning rather close to what I can get online). So I went last Saturday to my local electronics store »

Arduino and XBee

I heard a lot about using XBees for radio transmission between Arduinos and/or PCs. I decided to jump on this a few days ago and began by reading the excellent Building Wireless Sensor Networks book. After intensive lecture sessions, I felt confident »

Maven Plugin for LESS

Following my earlier post on Twitter’s Bootstrap framework, and being a Java developer relying on Maven for builds, I needed a way to compile LESS files from Bootstrap into CSS ones. I found a few plugins, but all of them were lacking decent documentation »