Waiting for an order at SeeedStudio

I’ve just placed an order yesterday at SeeedStudio. Plenty of interesting stuff to play with for quite a bit :-)

Seeeduino Stalker - Waterproof Solar Kit (x2)

I’m getting more and more interested in XBee/ZigBee networks so the Stalker with be something interesting to play with. I already have a bunch of XBee Series 1 modules, I plan to order some ZigBee ones later on, probably via Mouser.

I plan to use ZigBee modules instead of XBee ones mostly because of the Mesh topology I’m interested in. I’m still undecided regarding which ZigBee modules I’ll buy: probably non-Pro for outdoor projects and Pro version with RPSMA antennas for indoor (I hope to get one day some interesting Home Automation ZigBee modules and the Pro version is the only one that will ease the integration with those 3rd party modules).

  • 3W Solar Panel: the 0.5W panels included in the Waterproof Solar Kit are interesting because they fit in the enclosure, but I’m wondering what a larger panel might mean for a few outdoor projects I plan to work on
  • LiPo Rider Pro with 2 x LiPo 6A: I assume the built-in LiPo charger in the Stalker won’t be beefy enough

Various things

Now I have to wait a few weeks ‘til I receive this stuff. Will let you know how this turns out.

Meanwhile I’ve been working on the project I briefly talked about in the previous post (more on that in a post later on), and finally got a chance to work on the Pololu Robot I had bought a few weeks ago.

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